Worrying Less is Preparation

When we try too hard to not worry, what do we really end up doing?? Worrying a lot more than we initially started out with. When you're running late for work and you rush because you're afraid of being late and the impression you may make will be "bad". Even worse, what will your manager say to you and what will co workers think... In the midst of the worry we act out of character, we become uptight, speed through traffic, cut people off and really give no fucks of anything but making it to work close to that start time.

Preparation is a life long practice that we all can implement in our every day lives to always be ready.

We lose sight of ourselves when we worry, and we don't value ourselves as much compared to what being prepared would feel like. Expression of frantic behavior is often displayed when worry mode kicks in along with many other destructive emotions. To worry less is to live more, to live more is to prepare yourself for life everyday that you are here and not just those one or two circumstances that you predict yourself to run into.

Worry Less with Preparation.