Allow Your Mind To Be Your Medicine

We are constantly thinking and doing, doing and then thinking, contrary are we being mindful about how much thought affects our lives in all. Are you allowing your mind to manifest greater at ease thoughts when you are in a bad space? Or does your mind turn into a ticking time bomb and then all hell breaks loose!

An individual that thinks negatively will act with negative actions, moving throughout their day with that cloud of thought in their mind and act according. With the upcoming week keep your MIND in MIND (be mindful of your thoughts) when you’re making the decision to either be happy or sad, to be an asshole or not to be, know that you will reflect whats "up there". When you think you're incapable of doing a task or that you wont become well after being sick for the past two days, sit with yourself and mentally express what it is that you want/need. The thoughts that you allow to run throughout your head will act as your dosages of "mindful medicine". Be more mindful of your thought processes knowing that it will impact your life. Allow your mind to feed your soul and treat yourself.

With so much love,