Self Care Matters

What does your definition of self care mean for you??? If that hot bubble bath, music, face mask, and separation from the rest of the world isn't making you feel like a better you internally and externally it is time to redirect your self care practices. Self care shall not be limited to one day out of the week, nor should it be limited to the different practices you take. One misdirection many take is that another person's self care practices working the same magic in return to ourselves. Self care has become such a trend as it should be... BUT being perceived as only one particular type of practice is the trend I wish we put an end to. There are going to be practices that you personally don't agree with that work well for other people and that is okay.

Aren't you curious as to what self care practices work well for you? Brainstorm about what you are willing to do for yourself to feel senses of clarity and resurgence. I will give my personal opinion on a couple habitual practices to do for finding your own self care practices; Writing with pen and paper, separating yourself from media for moments at a time to lessen your susceptibility of being influenced, and create space allowing your mind to not focus on just one specific thought but to allow it to roam freely. Being carefree with your words and thoughts on paper shall eventually transcend into real life expression, no matter the expression you chose to take. After you figure out what makes you feel at your best consider making it a habit. Allow self care to be you taking care of you, avoid the influences bad or good and experience where it takes you.