Where Are You Storing Your Goals?

When we set goals, we usually set time limits. When we set time limits we usually make or break them, and when we break them we are pretty discouraged or just forget about the goals we set.  Forgetting a goal sounds a lot more juvenile than it really is, and that's because a lot of us will write it down somewhere either in our phones or notebook and then never revisit it until we randomly stumble upon the note another day.

Often we'll set goals and give ourselves a certain time limit to achieve them (depending of how easy or tough we see them being), at the top of the year and maybe mid year is when we typically make them and the timeline follows as far as how we think we can achieve them over the next few days, weeks, and months. But why not make goals every day, week, and month? ... and no, I'm not talking about a "to-do" list either. What I've found to make me completely happy and free is to make super extreme goals that don't even need to be written down because I have no other choice but to melt over them each and every day because of the extremity. Goals that I chose to set forth for the year kind of just come and go depending on the place I am in my life, and what I have evolved into at the moment. This practice may be best for somebody with the type of lifestyle that I have but goals don't and SHOULDN'T be something to stress over. Goals should always be something to look forward to and to want as bad as you want to live. Make your goals and don't hide them or forget them so always be aware where you're storing them.

Don't expect the most out of yourself and allow yourself to revisit some goals that you may have had at a different time in your life knowing it wasn't time to obtain them yet. Timing is everything and it takes too much to try and force something that we're unprepared for.