what does it mean to be an advocate for myself

Be an advocate for you... NOT "Be belligerent and self promoting in a self centered way to only hear your voice and not teach nor listen to where others don't feel your light and cannot reciprocate".

Being an advocate and publicly speaking on issues, beliefs, or even values can be sometimes tough. Especially when we speak on our social platforms where words can be easily misunderstood and sometimes will even make people uncomfortable. So, when I say "Be an advocate for you"... I don't mean hop on social media and start promoting yourself in a way to only get other people to hop on your bandwagon. I mean advocate for the things you love in your REAL LIFE. Everyday you go places, everyday you are involved with other human beings and every day you have a voice. 

Being an advocate has indeed a very large ground of "things" that it could cover , and being amongst a million of different things theres always room for more :) Practicing advocacy doesn't mean that you have to start an organization, put it in your bio or announce to other people that you are "being" an advocate, JUST DO IT! Be an advocate for the things you wish to change and be an advocate for the things that come naturally to you. If nothings crosses your mind the least you can do is be an advocate for you. 

What does it mean to be an advocate for myself?

When you really take a moment to think about how you have expectations for yourself internally, think about expectations with others as well, expectations in situations that you put yourself in, and ones that your even not a part of. I think a great way to start being an advocate for yourself is to learn what you love most, whatever you love most make sure that it becomes a part of your life and can never be taken away, even by yourself. Talk about what you love most and share it with others, you never know what spark you may hit by just expressing amounts of love.

Learn what a sacrifice is and what is really worth being sacrificed, whether it be time, money, or even energy.

Take some time to write down and resonate with who you see yourself as, and who you wish to grow into and HOW.

The HOW is the most important factor because thats how you're going to get from here to there (point A to point B). I think everyones advocacy is different and it doesn't need to be a huge ordeal if you don't want it to be. Remember that you have a voice and you have lots of capabbility. Choose what is best for you and practice every single day at it.