Do we have to sacrifice it all in order to succeed?

Once sacrifice becomes a necessity in order to be our best selves and succeed at it, we more than often will experience doubt.

"What have I been doing, consuming, engaging in or even WHO is worth sacrificing to get closer to where I need to be."

Sacrificing can sometimes be hurtful while it is not intended to be harmful. Knowing that we have to let go and move forward without certain people in our lives is questionable in a moments time, but once we start allowing ourselves to see our best selves without, we then realize certain sacrifices are necessary. Some sacrifices may happen while unaware of our evolution then once we reflect on where we stand in a moment, what has been let go is mind boggling because of the lack of effort it took to make those sacrifices occur. 

It appears to having relationships with people is when letting go tends to be the toughest followed by a series of questions ... What would my life be like without this person entirely in it? What would my day be like without this person in my presence? What would my mood be without this person sharing their every feeling with me? Sacrificing a person to person relationship doesn't always mean abandoning them, but rather making the choice to allow them in when you need them and feel it won't be harmful to you. 

Sacrifice takes faithful questions, trial and error, and perseverance. To hold ourselves accountable to our sacrifices we have to remember why we made them int he first place for "long term us." Let things go with intent and reason and not out of rage or hurt feelings. You know what you need and when you need it, ask yourself and nobody else what it is that you should be sacrificing this week.