While Interacting With People I Will Not Take Anything Personal. 

Example; Imagine moving into a 8 person home full of the same sex as you, and you knew none of those people before moving in...

Anyways, when it comes to human interaction the first thing we jump to are conclusions, and secondly the conclusion usually gets filtered through an emotion we feel that’s projecting from the other human. 

In some instances we  do “read” people correctly and the emotions we respond with are in alignment of the conversation.

BUT on the other hand if a person is being stand off-ish and monotone amongst a bunch of other signals that can make us feel like a person is being rude, we assume they are being rude towards us, right?

Why? Are they out to get us, like am I a target? (We ask ourselves).

In reality we have to try and disconnect our personalizations of previous human action to our own interactions. Maybe, just maybe they’re having a bad day and something tragic happened this morning that you will never know.

A lot of things in life, we will never know. And to waste energy feeding into somebody else’s emotional fix that isn’t fitting for us is what we usually do when we interact. We usually try and level up and/or down to another persons mood (I really want to say vibration) to relate. 

We don’t have to relate though, we don’t even have to think that people are out to fuck up our mood when we aren’t on the same level. Because 9/10 they aren’t, and we are honestly responsible for fucking up our own mood.

Practicing to be in an energy safe bubble is ideal. So once we realize that shifting into unaligned levels isn’t best for us our interactions with people will become a lot easier.