Stop Wasting My Time In 2018.

Say this: “I will no longer allow my time to be wasted, and when I feel like my time is being wasted either by fault of myself allowing others to waste it or me by my lonesome I will acknowledge it & change it.”

No hard feelings should be displayed towards yourself when you recognize time being wasted, forgive yourself and move on to doing/thinking/being something that will move you onward and upward. On the other hand if you feel like a certain “someone” is wasting your time, let them know... be straight up, unapologetic and express YOURSELF (I know this may be one of the hardest things to do EVER). But the longer you hold back from executing what YOUR MIND IS TELLING YOU IS BEST FOR YOU in a timely manner the longer you'll feel frustrated, confused, and confident all at once...

Stop wasting your own time.